TMZ caught up with Lucy Hale in the airport where they typically stalk celebrities to ask them random inane questions that really don’t do much of any contribution in the world but for some reason the business model is pretty successful. Lucy is an actress on the show “Pretty Little Liars “ and is quite well known on that TV set and among her friends who consider her a friend. Lucy talked to reporters about how her family home is haunted and there are ghosts. “So you’re a big believer in ghosts?” the reporter asked Lucy Hale the actress. “Umm.. Yeah, I sure am” Lucy responded to the stupid questions. A TMZ reporter said that if you believe in ghosts then you’re a moron and the girls in the room said “NO!!” and thought he was mean.

The crew made some jokes and some old movie references such as the movie “Ghost” where Patrick Swayze went into Whoopi Goldberg and controlled her body so he could talk to his wife.