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LTS Wakeboard, Jet Blade, Jet Boot (similar to Fly Board), Wakesurf and Waterski Training School is an amazing hidden gem, nestled on a quint, gorgeous, alligator free lake right in the heart of Pompano Beach, this place will get your blood pumping! High Adrenaline jumps, flips, flights and rolls make this place your one stop shop for all things awesome! You have to personally experience these amazing watersports and you must experience it soon! They specialize in wakeboard, water ski, wake surf, wake skateJet Blade, Jet Boot (similar to Fly Board), BBQs, kids parties, tubing, kneeboarding and other towed watersports and activities. Oh and did I mention they Host The Best Private Parties In Town! It’ll Be The Most Fun You’ve Have In Years!


Let Expert Dean Lavelle, CEO & Head Coach, Train You Today!

LTS Wakeboard Dean

In 1990, Dean started his professional water-sports career at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. He became one of the top athletes by 1992 and earned the title of “Mr. Everything”. The following year he started his pro wakeboard career. He won the World Championship in 1993 and reigned as one of the world’s best into the millenium. As part of the Hyperlite family, he had his own signature boards including the Lavelle and the Latitude. With his experience and knowledge of wakeboarding, he began coaching around the world and eventually started his own wakeboard and waterski school, L.T.S., in 2000. This is when he focused his energy and devoted himself to be the best coach he could be.

LTS Wakeboard  LTS Wakeboard Jet Blade, Jet Boot

His Motto: “Your goal becomes our goal.”

  • Learn from the pioneer and 6x World Wakeboard Champion
  • Over 21 years of coaching experience
  • Professional and safe instructions
  • One-on-one and/or group coaching
  • For all ages and riding levels (from beginner to professional)
  • Trains top pro riders on the Pro Tour
  • Operates year round
  • Two adjoining 4,000-foot long spring feed lakes (gator-free)
  • Premium wakeboard and wakesurf boats
  • Complete riding gear and equipment provided
  • Fully furnished house for overnight or extended stay
  • Equipped with gym, table tennis, bbq, fire pit, hot tubs, hammocks, wifi, etc.
  • Pro shop located on-site
  • Train stations and airports nearby
  • Restaurants, grocery stores, malls, banks, gasoline stations, drug stores and movie theaters located within 5-mile radius
  • Serving clients from all over the world


Jet Blade, Jet Boot Jet Blade, Jet Boot Jet Blade, Jet Boot

LTS’s Clients Love Them!



Regular* (regular coach & regular boat)
$80/30mins or $160/hr
Premium* (premium coach & regular boat)
$90/30mins or $180/hr
Premium Plus* (premium coach & premium boat)
$100/30mins or $200/hr


$100/30mins or $200/hr

Boat used is Nautique G21

Jet Blade or Jet Boot (similar to Fly Board)

$120/30mins or $200/hr


$80/30mins or $160/hr
(For intermediate or advance slalom, please contact Bobby Pine at 954-260-6955)

Boat used is Ski Nautique 206 or Super Air Nautique 210

LTS Wakeboard  LTS Wakeboard


30 mins set-up & clearing allowances
Use of equipment, gear & facilities

Facilities with 1 boat = $180/hr
Facilities with 2 boats = $360/hr
Facilities only (no boat) = $100/hr (min. of 2 hrs)
Exclusive (facilities only, no boat) = $200/hr (min. of 2 hrs)
Boat’s capacity: 8-10 persons


This package is exclusive rental of facilities. No other business will be conducted during your party. The prices below include the $200/hr facility fee.

30 mins set-up & clearing allowances
Use of equipment, gear & facilities

1 Premium boat* = $380/hr
1 Non-premium boat* = $360/hr
Jet Blades = $380/hr

**Each additional boat per hour add $160 (max. 4 boats & 1 jet blade simultaneously)

Boat’s capacity: 8-10 persons

LTS Wakeboard  LTS Wakeboard


$240 per person per day
$1,180 per person per week (5 Days)

Two 30-mins sets (or three 20-mins sets) with coaching,
self-served food, accommodation, 2-way airport transfers (FLL Airpot only)
and use of equipment, gear & facilities.

LTS Wakeboard


Paddleboarding (rental only) = $20/30mins or $30/hr
Kneeboarding, bare footing or hydrofoil = $80/30mins or $160/hr

Rates include coaching and use of equipment & gear. Time can be shared by two or more persons. Boat’s capacity: 6-8 persons.

Note: Additional $80 for MIA 2-way airport transfers

We also offer personalized or custom packages and we can also come to you for private coaching or coach for a camp or event. Please contact us for details.

* Premium boat is 2016 Nautique G21

* Non-premium boats are Ski Nautique 206 & Nautique 210

* Premium Coach is owner & 6-time World Champion Dean Lavelle.



Program Period:
May 25th to August 21st yearly
Days Available:
Mondays to Fridays
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
5 and up
Professional and safe instructions
Waiver signed by parents/guardians
Rate (Fees excluded):
$100 per kid for 1 day with free lunch
Package Rate (Fees excluded):
$500 per kid for 5 days with free lunch

Kids Camp is for energetic young kids who love water sports. They will have a chance to learn and experience wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakeskating, kneeboarding, and tubing on the beautiful gator-free Crystal Lake. For ages 5 and up, kids camp is facilitated by experienced and well-trained instructors who focus not just on coaching but also on water safety. Also, wearing a life vest is a requirement for every participant and LTS has them available in different sizes including kids sizes. There will be two boats available daily with a minimum of 5 kids and maximum of 7 kids per boat. This program is offered every summer during weekdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with free lunch!

LTS Wakeboard  LTS Wakeboard

You’re going to love it! Book today or regret it forever!

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