Remember the name...Chad LOVE Lieberman!!

I must start this off by saying that the way I came to know Chad LOVE Lieberman was through a chance meeting in which I interviewed him (how funny) for a position in building a website for my then “difficult” boss. My boss never employed anyone for that position, and looking back now, Chad would have been too good for that company.
If you have a painting being displayed at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, if you have two published books, The Bank of Knowledge and Creative Warriors Walk Alone : The Business of Art on every major website and on bookstore shelves, if you have a ton of music and videos on, then you can most certainly call yourself a Multimedia Artist!

Chad LOVE Lieberman, the nephew of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joseph Lieberman, is just 34-years-old and has accomplished more in that short time than many do throughout their entire life. Born to Roger (a successful Dentist and one of the top veneers specialists in the country) and Linda (a mother of two and successful entrepreneur) in New York City, Chad has been painting since the age of six. And Chad knows he truly has a gift. “I get my creativity from my mother and my hands from my father. He still has his very first painting. It was me, on a sailboat, in an ocean”.
“I’ve been told that my style is very Andy Warhol…very Jackson Pollock. I take that as a big compliment even though I never studied them.”
“I am just driven. No psychological pain drives me. I like to be creative.”

“Life is good…I have 805 credit. No ‘baby-mama drama’. Nobody wants to kill me, and I don’t owe anyone money.”

A proud artist next to one of his "masterpieces"

Chad told me one of his biggest inspirations was world renowned pop artist Keith Haring. He came across him in a NYC subway station while Haring was painting. Chad stared and watched Haring do what he did best. “I loved how he would do his thing, get arrested, and then get his name and art in the newspaper. I was honored to have met him before he died (of AIDS complications at 31).
Personally, I am most impressed with Chad’s paintings, so that is where I started my interview. When I walked into his palatial estate, I was led to the billiard room which had a huge window, letting the sun pour in to light the space up, and about ten of Chad Love’s oil paintings adorning the walls.
I walked from painting to painting admiring one more than the next. As I toured the gallery-like room, Chad let me in on his newest project. That project is
Art4love is Chad’s “baby” and something he is quite proud of. And why not? He has 15 years and 2,000 paintings of his artwork on the site for sale, as well as a ton of M.O.M.A. rated artists from all over the world. The art on the site is EXTREMELY affordable ranging from $279 – $799. The pieces are all 100% canvas artwork. All items sold at art4love come in ready to hang form, are UV coated and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. “This site was created to make shopping for art more efficient and easier to do. In five clicks you will have seen, researched and bought a wonderful piece of art. My goal is to bring high quality art at affordable prices.”
“Even though I’ve been known to be an eccentric assh*le, I am a humble artist.”

“I just get frustrated with stupidity and ignorance. I have learned that men are NOT all created equal, as much as it pains me to say.”

“God and the Devil are within. It’s your decision what to follow. Your heart will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes your mind trips you up.”
Chad’s paintings on their own make him very comfortable and are things to be very proud of. Chad did not stop there, though. He told me about his two published books. The Bank of Knowledge and Creative Warriors Walk Alone : The Business of Art. Creative Warriors (2003) has sold over 50,000 copies to date. The book was written to teach young artists how to start a business from home. To be able to create their art and make a $100,000 a year. It gives info and tips on incorporating options, cost effective marketing techniques, the psychology of working at home and accounting and legal notes. “I wrote this because I was inspired by my success as an artist. These are things that I did, and I want to pass them on. Most artists don’t know how to price their work. I have a formula for these young artists to follow. There are ways to justify the price of your art. The Bank of Knowledge (2008) has sold over 32,000 copies to date. Chad told me that this book was heavily inspired by the self help novel The Secret. I cam up with the concept while touring in Europe and being locked in hotels for two years. The book is 365 pages and is designed for the reader to read one page each day and reflect upon it. About the book, Chad said, “It is to help motivate. Leave yourself a message or note to remind yourself how to change a negative into a positive. Just go with the flow of the changes in life. Basically, it is about having more happy days than sad…”
“A lot of art teachers are failures in the art world. I think I bring a younger – fresher approach.”

“Did you know that 50,000 graduate with a fine arts degree. The average artist makes just $1500 a YEAR from their art! I want to make a dent in that!”

Even a Multimedia Artist makes time to fish.

So if that was not enough, we touched a bit on Chad Love’s music career. As the owner of Evol Records, Chad knows a little bit about the music business too. Signed to Sony in 2002, Chad left the label, created Evol, and put out nine albums. Chad’s entire discography is available on and on iTunes. Chad launched his music career during the collapse of the CD and the rise of digital music. He adapted quickly and made sure to get his music out to the masses using those two sites as well as on Chad’s music ranges from hip hop to house and his lyrics really will make you think. He wrote a song “9-11-01 – Remember” with a young Paris Hilton doing the hook. Chad told me how he lost a girlfriend in the World Trade Center disaster. “This was a way to remember her. Let us not forget those we lost.” Chad made a strong point that he never took a penny from the proceeds of the track. “I don’t profit off of the dead. I donated all of the profits anonymously to the NYPD.”
Lieberman has two major projects going on right now that are taking up a lot of the man’s time. His third book, Art4Love 365 is set to be published in January of 2011. “This is a calendar art book that will contain basic horoscopes. I put all of my art into the book, having it displayed in all different forms. It is a great coffee table book. It is art for your table! If you see a painting in it that you really like, you can go to my site and purchase it. How cool is that?” Chad’s other point of interest right now is, a super-site and iTunes app for mobile ringtones and wallpaper. The site and app contain 24,000 original ringtones in 40 different categories for just 99 cents! There has been over 10 million downloads to date. Versions are in creation for Blackberry, Palm phones and the Google Nexus.
As our interview was winding down, I felt it would only make sense to ask Chad LOVE Lieberman, what he thought about the future: the future for art and the future for Chad LOVE. Chad had a lot to say. “I want to keep evolving my industries. Cut…paste…innovate…and move forward. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just make it better. You have to stay motivated. Motivate yourself. If people can learn to do that, society will be better…and maybe we will all still be alive after 2012!”
Treez says: Chad is truly a breath of fresh air. He is happy, successful, intelligent, super cool and carries himself extremely well. I would challenge anyone to spend 15 minutes with Chad LOVE and not come away impressed. One of the most interesting things that Chad said in our interview was that he had been told many times that he was a “Modern Day Michelangelo” and a “Renaissance Man”. And that in response to that he would just smirk. And that is exactly what I did when he told me…I smirked. Remember the name CHAD…LOVE…LIEBERMAN. He is going to be very famous, very soon.