If you were a 17-year old stud athlete visiting a college, would hot sex with a stripper provided by that college help sway your decision to go to school there?

If you’re answer is yes, the University of Louisville disagrees. At least that’s what it is telling the NCAA, which is all up in UL’s grill because a former escort claims she and her co-workers were paid by then-director of basketball operations Andre McGee to strip for, blow and bang potential recruits.

The allegations came to light in a book written by Katina Powell, a self-described former escort, titled, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen.”

Here’s Powell describing to ESPN’s John Barr what happened between her and her girls (we mean “her girls” literally in some cases, since her own daughters worked for the service!).

Louisville isn’t denying McGee paid the prostitutes to have sex with recruits, but the school insists coach Rick Pitino knew nothing about it. UL is also saying that the sex did nothing to convince the recruits to attend Louisville and play hoops for the Cardinals.

In its response to the NCAA, Louisville wrote (via the Courier-Journal), “The only conclusion that can be drawn is that McGee arranged the dances, offers and sexual activity to assist in the University’s recruiting efforts. However, the University does not believe these dances or sexual activities greatly assisted its recruiting efforts. As noted elsewhere in this response, at least one prospect reported that this experience resulted in his disliking the University.”

Tell that to guys like Montrezl Harrell and Terry Rozier, who decided to go to Louisville after getting laid on their recruiting visits, according to Powell’s claims.

Pitino’s lawyer, Scott Tompsett, meanwhile, is sticking to the story that his client had no idea what the recruits were doing with Powell’s lovely ladies.

“The enforcement staff has overreached in this case,” Tompsett wrote to the NCAA, per ESPN. “Pitino should never have been charged. … Pitino absolutely did actively look for red flags, but there never were any red flags giving any signs or even a hint of McGee’s illicit activities.”

Pitino reportedly told an NCAA investigator, “Not in a million years would or could I ever fathom in my wildest nightmare anything like this.”

Powell’s not buying it.

“He’s Rick, he knows about everything,” Powell claims McGee told her.

After four years of loud, sex-fueled parties, “How could he not know,” Powell asked rhetorically.

If the NCAA sees it Powell’s way, Pitino will be looking at a multi-game suspension next season.

Meanwhile, anyone have sympathy for Louisville’s new recruits? They’re not having nearly as much fun as their predecessors did.