Meet Malik Turner, a part-time postal service worker in Harlem, NY who tapes self made personal ad’s on tear sheets and puts them on NYC pay phones.  (Targeting the classy & sophistacted ladies who clearly all use pay phones in Harlem, of course). He writes with basic black pen on printer paper, and included at the bottom is his phone number.

Hot Damn!  Sexy..

Whoever said men don’t tell women exactly what they want in a woman never met this guy.  On his advertisement for love, he states he’s looking for 3-ways, 4-ways, girls who wear sexy high heels, no fat girls, no gold diggers, and women who are willing to do all of that and must be willing to pay for half of the bills.  (I’m not kidding.)

Ladies, read between the lines.  This is a “man’s perfect woman” in a nutshell. 

  • Not a gold digger.
  • Willing to pay for half of the bills.
  • Walks around in 6 inch spiked heels all day.
  • Slutty. (This point is key)
  • Bisexual
  • Good Manicure
  • No Fat Chicks

Well, can’t blame the guy for trying!  Oh wait, did I mention he lives with his mother?