“Sometimes you have a Prince, but you don’t have the RIGHT Prince!” That comes from a 4-year old! She has won The Little Big Shots prize with her video: “I’m NOT a Princess, Daddy!” where she explains why she is sure she is not a princess. Her vid has received 2 million views and went viral. Now Jojo Lomelino has her own channel.

Wise beyond her years, this four-year-old drops some princess knowledge on Steve. Steve Harvey gets some clues from this adorable super-confident daddy’s little girl for his next book most likely!

Apparently her father is not a father, he is ‘dad’ as she corrects Steve. And she also tells him that sometimes princesses don’t have a prince and that’s okay. lol

Jojo’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLnL-RfWmIR7K37enFVlw6w