Where the hell are my Ostrich heels!!!


Lindsay Lohan is being sued by an LA clothing boutique called Church. Apparently the star has an affinity for animal clothing because she spent $16,883 on clothes made out of exotic species!  

Some of the items on her list were a Ron Donovan Kianga Grey Ostrich Stiletto $1,865, Ron Donovan Sabrina Snake Skin Navy $1,425, Michel Berandi Leather Trench $3,600, 14K Ring with Baguette & Round Diamonds $5,900.  

When in the boutique Lohan told store owners that her buisness manager would take care of the bill. However when her buisness manager arrived she was only willing to pay $180.  

The stores owners say Lindsay is guilty of premeditated  fraud and are suing the star for the balance of the bill $16,880.63 as well as interest and punitive damages.prma