9/20 Lindsay Lohan is Headed Back to Jail

Lindsay Lohan is getting wasted again. Unfortunately for Lilo, Judge Elden Fox isn’t as amused as we are and has just revoked the stars probation for failing two drug tests, one for cocaine and and one for amphetamines. Apparently Lilo loves the uppers! Lindsay is scheduled to be back in court Friday at 8:30am where she could be sentenced up to 30 days for each failed test.

9/24 Lindsay Lohan is Locked Up…Again

Lindsay Lohan went directly from court to jail today, finally proving TMZ has no clue what they are talking about, even if Harvey is “a lawyer”. Most of us who have ever had the unfortunate luck of being in-twined in the judicial system, know that when you violate probation for a failed drug test, it’s a mandatory 30 days in jail. You do not pass go, you do not collect 200 dollars, you go directly to jail and then you sit behind bars until your court date. When TMZ posted that Lindsay was going to receive bail after her violations it seemed like a shock to most of us in the know, and now we know why, it simply was not true.

The fact is, Lindsay is a criminal on probation who has failed two drug tests and continually shows a total disregard for the law, thus she deserves to be in jail. Not because drug addicts should be imprisoned, (if you have read my articles you know I’m completely against that) but because it’s just what’s fair. If this was you or I we would have been imprisoned long before all this hoopla, and with out even a peep from the media. If you think this is unfair, you should work to change the system for everyone, not just Lindsay Lohan.

Let’s face it, she has received every special privilege because of her fame and status and has still come up short. All Lindsay had to do, is what everyone else does on probation, quit using drugs ’til probation is over then carry on as before, it’s not rocket science here folks. Lindsay will now remain in jail until her court date on October 22. Her only chance of getting out early would be if the judge reverses her decision, which is unlikely. Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told reporters Lindsay will be housed in “administrative segregation” because of her celebrity status for her safety and the safety of the jail system.

9/25 Lindsay Lohan Walks Free After Only 14 Hours

I had a feeling when I woke up this morning that this might have happened. Lindsay “The Teflon Don” Lohan walked out of Lynwood Correctional Facility last night after only 14 hours of incarceration. What happened to 29 days without bail? Turns out, Judge Patricia Schnegg reversed Judge Elden Fox’s decision for Lindsay to be held without bail. So it appears that, Judge Patricia Schnegg has no other judicial responsibilities and has time to go overturn another judges probation violation decision, on the very same day in which it was given.

Sorry folks but that’s just total malarkey, Im glad Lindsay’s out but this is a gross manipulation of the judicial system. I have no idea how her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holly pulled this off. Next time I get arrested Im definitely hiring Shawn Chapman Holly, shes amazing. The judge gives you 29 days and Holly has you back on the streets in 14 hours. She must have had pictures of Judge Schnegg going down on a fifteen-year-old Muslim girl to have mad this happen so quickly. The best part of the story is they’re making Lindsay wear the SCRAM bracelet again. The one that detects if  you have been drinking alcohol then reports it to the authorities. I guess since Judge Schnegg has been on the case all of about 16.24 seconds, she doesn’t know that Lindsey already had the SCRAM bracelet and it didn’t stop her. So whats going to happen when it goes off again in like 2 days because Lindsey is drinking again? Are we then going to do this whole jail revolving door circus again? Or is Schnegg going to send Lohan to jail without bail, just like Judge Fox already did? Getting a bit redundant isn’t it? Just throw this chick in jail already you’re not helping her, your enabling her.

Lets face it, jail might be the best thing for this girl right now, it might even save her life. Judge Fox was right, it would do Lindsay some good to dry out for 29 days, the girl needs to sober the f*ck up. Besides lets face it, jail is the only place this story could possibly end anyway. Judge Schnegg is only postponing the inevitable.

9/27 Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself Into Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is going to voluntarily check herself into rehab today. According to the Lohan Camp, Lindsay has realized the error of her ways and plans to stay at the rehab until her court date next month and possibly longer. Lilo chose a facility in Southern California so friends and family would be close enough to visit. We are told the facility is not Promises because Lindsay has already been there and it didn’t work.

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