Lindsay Lohan was in court on Monday for a mandatory progress hearing associated with a 2007 DUI conviction. Judge Marsha Revel ruled that Lohan must wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet as well as complete an alcohol-education program and submit to random drug tests every week in the Los Angeles area.

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lohan’s attorney, tried to explain that Lohan was set to begin filming a movie in Texas and would have difficulty getting to Los Angeles weekly. However the judge did not waver and suggested that Lohan delay the acting gig.

Lohan failed to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom on the original hearing date, May 20, because her passport was stolen while attending the Cannes Film Festival in France. Because of the missed court date, Lohan must attend a probation violation hearing on July 6.

Judge Revel issued a bench warrant for Lohan after her absence on Thursday’s hearing, finding Lohan’s explanation unacceptable. “If she wanted to be here, she could’ve been here,” Revel said.

Revel then set bail at $100,000, but shortly after, court spokesman Allan Parachini said a bond had been posted and the warrant recalled, which meant Lohan would not be arrested when she returned to Los Angeles.

While in Cannes, the young actress was spotted attending parties. Late Thursday into Friday she was spotted at VIP Club, where many A-listers were in attendance. She was seen drinking Dom Pérignon, Cristal Roederer Champagne and Belvedere Vodka while dancing and joking with a friend. Lohan was at Cannes promoting a new film in which she will be portraying 1970s adult movie star Linda Lovelace.

With stints in rehab in 2007 under her belt, Lohan is familiar with the alcohol-monitoring device. Right after her 21st birthday in July 2007, she was seen sporting one on her ankle while partying at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.