It is no surprise that one of the most educated and sophisticated cities in Libya is also one of the most anti-Qaddafi. The city of Misurata has been blockaded by the 42-year dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

AP Photo/Alaguri

According the Los Angeles Times, several residents have been reached by phone and confirmed the human rights atrocity. Qaddafi is choking off supplies from the citizens of Misurata by air, sea, and land. No food or medical supplies are being allowed into the city. Compounding this is periodic shelling from Qaddafi’s forces.

CNN reported this morning that while anti-Qaddafi forces are slowing the dictator’s offensive, the civil war still rages on and the rebels are ill supplied to fight his armed forces.

Doctors, reported the Times, are beginning to run out of medicine. Staff are beginning to have to live at the hospital to fill the gaps left by foreign employees that fled Libya.

Still, no military action has been taken by the international community. There has been as yet, no no-fly zone. The Times reported that a UN investigations team arrived in Tripoli to assess the scope of the human rights disaster.

This is a pattern. They will send a team, they’ll return; higher-ups will demand more details and further verification, another team will be sent out, and so on and so forth. Everyone whom Qaddafi wants to have died will have died, and we will have to be ashamed of ourselves once again. Shame on us for not calling for stronger action, and shame on our country and our president for not having the balls to save those in need.

Don’t forget about what is happening in the Middle East. The violence will continue and we need to watch. We need to let everyone know it must stop. Or else…maybe humanity really is just garbage in skin?