Liam Hemsworth, actor and brother of “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth, has been in the news for his interaction with another woman. E! Newsthat Miley Cyrus should get jealous because Liam has admitted to getting physical with another woman. This woman is actress Kate Winslet and it was during a movie they were filming called “Dressmaker”. The two play lovers in the movie and were recently interviewed promoting the movie. The two actors spoke about their “instant chemistry” and that it was essential because they only had 3 weeks to film together.

“We were able to just get into it,” Liam proclaimed with Kate Winslet echoing him saying, “yeah we did”. In a boxers scene in the film where Liam is standing solely in his under garments in front of Kate, the two said they couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. It is good to see the two have such good chemistry and that they are having a lot of fun on set while filming.