"There's no such thing as soy milk. It's soy juice. But they couldn't sell soy juice. So they called it soy milk. Because any time you say "soy juice", you actually start to gag."


Comedian and “Daily Show” correspondent Lewis Black played the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Thursday Night. Black took the stage with a packed house and had everyone in stitches with his political musings. His searingly hot rants were focused on everything from Haiti to health care, all the while expressing his disdain for both parties saying,  

“What’s happened in the course of 40 years in that body is disgusting; they have really sickened me, and they just don’t get it,” Black says. “I would rather watch cockatoos wander about than watch congressional debates”.  

Later in the show Black expressed some hope for humanity,  

“I always wake up thinking, `This has got to turn around. We can’t be this stupid.’ . . . That’s a kind of hope, I guess, and hope is something that taunts you. Sometimes I think I’m too tired for hope, but I always do still believe”.  

Black put on a great show, and his rants where right on point with the general public’s scorn for our government’s inability to deliver the changes promised. The show also boasted its share of hecklers, especially for such a large venue. Most were on Black’s side just shouting out topics for him to talk about; however, one tea-bagger must have walked into the wrong show as he stood up on more than one occasion to taunt the comedian, constantly interrupting the show with some kind of nonsense about Sarah Palin.  

The incident didn’t last long as the veteran comic quickly put him in his place to thunderous applause from the crowd. Isn’t it  funny how tough liberals can be on a Republican who is caged in an auditorium like a lamb to the slaughter, yet in government they always back down? But, then again, according to Black “People are always way ahead of the people that lead them.” So maybe we still have hope.  All in all, it was a great performance by Lewis Black and another quality show put on by the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.