Who would have thought temporary tattoos could leave such lasting impressions? Treated like a personal greeting card, ta-ta-toos are temporary tattoos, worn on your “ta-tas” that relay sentiments in a fun, intimate and original way. With collections covering a multitude of occasions, ta-ta-toos send a message that will undeniably shake things up a bit and create permanent memories. They’re loved by ladies of all age ranges, so don’t be shy.

Collections include bridal/anniversary/weddings, special occasions, risqué  and just for fun, with messages such as “Lucky You”; “Naughty/Nice”; “100% Natural” and more traditional options including “Happy Anniversary” and “Happy Birthday.”

A pair of friends were the masterminds behind the creation of ta-ta-toos. Michelle Smith and Jodi Greenberg longed to one day call a business their own, and thus an idea was born. Having worked together as sales professionals for more than 12 years, the self-proclaimed “entrepregals” realized that together their talents comprised the perfect business partnership. Together they created ta-ta-toos, ultimately turning their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. “Getting something off your chest never felt so good” admits Greenberg. When you want to say it all, but leave plenty to the imagination, ta-ta-toos allow you to express yourself in a unique way. They’re for when you want to do more than wear your heart on your sleeve.

Ta-ta-toos may be temporary, but Smith and Greenberg focused on quality in the product design. All ta-ta-toos are made with FDA-approved ingredients that are safe for the skin. Easily applied and removed, they last for up to one week. Retailing at $12.95 for a single package that includes two greetings spread out over four temporary tattoos. Whether you’re looking for something different for someone special, a laugh, a gag or just some fun, let your ta-ta-toos do the ta-ta-talking. To order go to ta-ta-toos.com or call 954.921.9460.