This weekend nude photos of Lee Grace Dougherty emerged on the web. Lee Grace is part of the Dougherty Gang, who were apprehended last week in a high-speed chase in Colorado. The three siblings started their crime spree the week before engaging in a high-speed chase and gun battle with Florida police. The next day the trio robbed a bank just over the border in Georgia. It has been reported that some of the nude images of Lee Grace Dougherty were taken hours before the Georgia bank robbery, which led some websites to nickname her ” The Naked Bank Robber”. We here at the Chronicle felt it was our obligation to post these images for our readers. It looks like Lee Grace and her two brothers will be spending a long time in prison, they are facing several felony charges in three states. So here’s to you Lee Grace. Thanks for the photos. For more on Lee Grace  Dougherty go to [LastTadition]