Hey Danny Boy...you may not see me in person much anymore...but you always have my Fathead!


If you look up the term “Sour Grapes” on urbandictionary.com, there should be a big photo of idiot and crybaby, Dan Gilbert. Gilbert is the owner of the Cleveland Cavs, and unless you live under a rock you are familiar with his tirades against the LeBron decision to leave his team. He has cried on the team website and to other media outlets. Gilbert is also the owner of Fathead LLC. Fathead produces and sells large peel and stick wall decals of everything from athletes to entertainers to fictional characters and much much more.  

So besides just crying out and pandering to the Cleveland fans, Gilbert began offering its stock of LeBron James wall graphics for $17.41: a price slash down from $99.99. The discount signified the year 1741, when Benedict Arnold, arguably the United States’ most infamous traitor, was born. More than 1,000 “Slam Dunk” James graphics were sold at the discount price.  


Michael Layne, Fathead’s director of Internet marketing, said a version showing James in a yellow Cavs’ uniform had sold more than 500 copies since its release at a “Declaring Independence” price of $17.76. And how about a Fathead of Bron Bron in the despised Miami Heat uniform? Later this year, Layne said.  

Seems like Gilbert may reduce the price on bad stock as James doesn’t play there any longer, but he seems to have no problem getting that LeBron money as it still trickles in. It is fitting because Gilbert’s whole schtick and crybaby routine is all about money. The LeBron gravy train is over, and that is hard to swallow for anyone. We live in a very co-dependant society, and Gilbert was co-dependant on that LeBron cash flow. 

UPDATE : Bad News, as this item is now SOLD OUT!!