So many of your favorite athletes are on Twitter. As the baby powder clears from the air, in comes LeBron James to the Twitterverse. James is a pretty big name who actually took a little longer than normal to jump on board. He is definitely late to the party. It will be interesting to see what “King James” has to say to TwitterWorld. Maybe he will make his team announcement through his twitter account. Maybe he will read through what all the fans have to say about stuff like his mother’s supposed affair with teammate Delonte West. I will say he has picked up followers pretty quickly as he is already at 194,000 plus. It is a verified account, so sleep well knowing it really is LeBron you will be following. I do however doubt we will be seeing any Twitpics of LeBron posing naked for the camera, as that list of athletes keeps growing and growing.


The official Twitter Page is: