Having already had past dealings in police custody for drug charges, former New York Giants Football star, Lawrence Taylor, was back in an unfortunately familiar situation on Thursday. L.T., as he was called in his days of playing football, is currently facing charges that he raped a 16-year-old girl, with bail having been set at $75,000 with a temporary restraining order granted to the alleged victim until October 6, 2010. Following the arraignment, Taylor’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, told press, “Mr. Taylor is denying and preparing to fight each and every one of these charges. My client did not have sex with anybody, period, Amen. Lawrence Taylor did not rape anyone.” Known for past drug addictions, including a nasty crack cocaine habit, Taylor’s lawyer said of his client’s current standing: “He has not touched any drugs in over a dozen years. He’s clean, clean, clean.” Later in the day, the NFL Hall of Famer was spotted as he left the jail with his lawyer after being bailed out – with his lawyer telling the media that Lawrence plans on heading to Florida (GREAT…all the sex offenders come here).

Sports stars are known for being accused of rape, left and right. Whether it be for the publicity on the part of the supposed “rape victim”, the monetary compensation that comes along with being violated by a famous sports star (especially a hall-of-famer in this case), or the fact that athletes with power feel they can misuse and abuse women and get away with it, rape is oh-so common in the world of althletes. While L.T.’s lawyer insists he has not used crack-cocaine in years, drugs and rape often go hand-in-hand, and judgment may be drastically impaired with the use of a powerful narcotic like crack-cocaine. In the event that Taylor was not under the influence, he has NO EXCUSE, and if he did commit this crime, he should be completely ashamed of himself…she is 16 years old and should not have even been around these old men!!! And if this hood-rat is another one of those lyin’ hoes…may the truth come out in the weeks to come!