LaVar Ball gives zero f—-s about how you feel about the $495 price tag he put on his son Lonzo’s first signature basketball shoe.

That’s about $200 more than the most expensive Air Jordan. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Lonzo hasn’t played a game in the NBA yet (Draft Express projects him to be the No. 2 overall pick in June’s NBA Draft after his excellent freshman season at UCLA).

Actually, $495 is the cheapest the Z02 comes. If you happen to wear a size 14 or 15, it’ll cost you $695. And if you want your pair autographed by someone who might turn out to be a good player, get ready to shell out $995-1,995.

By the way, the Big Baller Brand – as LaVar calls the marketing endeavor around Lonzo and his other two sons (both still in high school) – is also selling flip-flops for $220 a pair (you can peruse all the Big Baller Brand products on its website).

When all this was announced last week, the Interwebs were up in arms about LaVar’s audacity.

On the phone with ESPN Radio’s Dan Le Batard on Friday, LaVar made it clear he could not care less about what anyone thinks of his price point.

“I figured that’s what the shoe was worth,” LaVar told Le Batard (via Business Insider).

Asked who suggested the ridiculous price, LaVar retorted, “I didn’t get no suggestions. I just come up with it because it’s mine. Let Adidas and Nike and under Armour – they battling below me. Let them go ahead and put their stuff in Foot Locker. I’m better than them. I’m a step above. It’s a premium shoe.”

Le Batard and his crew found LaVar’s shtick to be pretty hilarious.

Per, LaVar didn’t say how sales were going so far, but former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson posted on Instagram a receipt from his order, and it included a message that said “Because of high demand our fulfillment center is experiencing a 1-2 week delay.”

As crazy as LaVar seems, Le Batard pointed out the genius in his M.O.

“How much laughing are you doing the last couple days? You don’t have a marketing budget yet for these shoes and we’re giving you all the free advertising,” Le Batard remarked.

“I’m loving it,” said Ball. “I’m good with what I’m doing.”

That may be the case. But there’s no way he’s going to sell a lot of these shoes. Right?