Yeah I did it...and I'd do it again!

It all has come to an end for Lauderhill Middle School computer teacher Kristen Sullivan. Sullivan, 25, of Plantation, Florida has been in a sordid relationship with a 14 year old student, her “boyfriend” of one year. Sullivan was arrested on April 20 and charged with two counts of sexual battery on a minor and one count of sex offense against a minor. The craziest part is that it was the boy’s new girlfriend that blew the whistle on the whole tryst. Police say the teen boy confessed to his new girl after she found several text messages suggesting there was a relationship between the boy and the Lauderhill educator. The girl had suspected the boy was cheating on her.

Sullivan and the young man may have been having sex for over a year, making him 13 when the affair started. Sullivan met the student when he picked up a form to enroll in a boxing program. As if the sex with “teach” wasn’t enough, the young playboy got many gifts ranging from cash, a new cell phone, Air Jordan sneakers, a gold chain and a Nintendo Wii from this twisted cougar. To top if off, the boy stated Sullivan bought him weed more than 15 times!! Proving that he was not totally selfish, the young man did buy her a gold chain with a “letter J” charm.

The boy’s mother was suspicious of all the time spent together between the two. From the car rides home from school to the confession that the teacher had changed one of the boy’s grades from a C to a B, moms knew that something was rotten in the state of Lauderhill. She confronted Sullivan about the “friendship” to which the teacher denied any involvement.

Once police had been informed of the situation, they monitored a phone call between Sullivan and the boy. The teacher was asked where the two planned to have their next sexual encounter, and replied “Does it matter. Wherever you want.” Instead of another late night creep, the teacher was subject to a rude awakening at 4:30 a.m; in place of some hot underage lovin’, she was arrested by the police.

Treez says : These stories are pretty common nowadays. But I don’t know how many of these relationships involve cash payments, gift giving, grade changes, car rides, weed buys and to top it off…sex three times a day!! In the world where I am from, we call this li’l dude a pimp! In the real world however, he is a minor and has been abused, so shame on her and she will get whatever she has coming.