After twenty five years on nightly television Larry King is finally hanging up his suspenders. Insiders at the program say it was King’s decision to end the show after 25 years and that he will stay on at CNN to do specials. Last night’s episode featured Bill Maher, who during the discussion asked Larry who he would like to see take over in his absence, to which Larry responded Ryan Seacrest. That would be interesting to say the least, considering I have never seen Ryan mention one thing about politics. CNN is a big jump from American Idol, but we shall see. CNN responded neither denying or confirming they were talking to Seacrest, saying they are currently speaking with a number of possible replacements for the broadcasting legend and that they expect to make a final decision in two to three weeks.

Larry announced the end of Larry King Live via his Twitter page, saying “I’m ending my nightly show this fall but continuing at CNN”.  In a side note, Larry went on to say that he would like his upcoming specials to focus on more sports stories instead of politics.