When you hear the name Lady of America Gym, what’s your first impression? I wasn’t sure myself, so I decided to investigate. What I found surprised me in a really good way. It turns out that managers Adele Bowley and Gary Byowitz have their finger on the pulse of what women want. Over the years, I’ve belonged to a lot of gyms and to a certain extent they all have a lot in common. However, the Lady of America in the Whole Foods Plaza on Federal Highway has distinguished itself from others in several ways.

For starters they have become a full service Women’s Center. That means it’s much more than a gym, it’s a caring and safe environment that exists to provide the services women love and need. All of the equipment is designed specifically for a woman’s body which makes things so much easier than adjusting yourself to larger machines. And clients especially love how relaxed they can be around other women, never having to feel uncomfortable about stares from guys while bending over and that sort of thing.

You’ll quickly come to realize that LOA is a place for “you time”, and I mean all of you. A variety of massages and body beautifying treatments including cellulite reduction that actually works, will complement your work out efforts. Glorious facials and alternative skin treatments that reduce redness and irritation are wildly appealing; because the combination of working out and taking care of your skin at the same time make you look and feel healthy and glowing beyond belief! At Lady of America you can have your nails done, experience a stimulating reflexology treatment, try personal training alone or with a friend, schedule on location hair services or simply take one of their many fitness classes designed for all levels and ages. Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Core Challenge, Total Body Toning, they’ve got a program for every one of us.

I recommend checking out this convenient spot for all that they have to offer. I think you’ll discover that Lady of America is pretty cool.