So 2010 was definitely the best year in pop I have seen. Katy Perry’s huge knockers on Sesame Street. The Kendra Wilson Sex Tape. Miley Cirus smoking the Salvia and showing off her nice tight rack. Shit, it was a great year to be a blogger. However, I just wanted to point out the weirdest Pop sensation this for 2010. Lady “I Killed Santa” Gaga. Here are some photos of her in her best dress.

Here she is a the 2009 VMA awards where she took Kermit The Frog as her guest.

Chillin’ in the streets of NY where she stapled red stilettos pumps on an alligator jacket. Points for originality for sure.

I can’t tell if I actually find her attractive here or not. Ah, now I remember. She is completely busted without all her fancy dress and makeup.

No you aren’t dreaming, this isn’t some sort of  crazy slaughter house nightmare. She is actually wearing the carcass of a cow. Raw meat dress with simulated entrail Ugg boots tied together with butchers twine.

Exploding titties with dental floss thong. I think she actually has it on backwards. Eww. No thanks.

I will never see Kermit The Frog the same way ever again.

I wish that was a dress made of flames, real flames. Like she is on fire flames. DIE LADY GAGA, die.