The 19-year-old reality star shoots down the rumors of getting boob job down in this week when she was suffering with food poisoning. This all started with a tweet of her fan who asked Kylie on twitter“@KylieJennereveryones saying you got your boobs done when you were MIA on snap.” The Keeping up with Kardashian Star got flirty in her response saying, “Do u want to feel them to validate.”

Another fan who praised her busty look and said, “@KylieJenner girl your boobs look so good today. What is your secret? Help a sister out.” This was the tweet which allowed Kylie to give a shut up call to those who were thinking that these are not natural. She said, “TMI but it’s that time of the month. They will deflate soon. And it will be a sad sad day.” In her tweets, she also suggested two of her favorite bras for the women who are not on their monthly. She shared, “Bomb shell or this one BOMB bra from Victoria secret that I’ve had for 4/5 years that they don’t make anymore.” And if that weren’t enough proof for the doubters, she also flat out tweeted she “never” got her breasts done.