Kristen Stewart is a famous actress because of her time on the “Twilight” movies which made her a super star especially among young girls. People reports that Kristen talked to reportersat the New York Film Festival about how she is choosing her roles after the hit vampire movies made her famous. Currently, Kristen has 3 movies in the film festival. She describes herself as a workaholic. “I’m totally addicted man”, Kristen said of her love for acting and film in general. She believes her work ethic served her well even though it may have caused problems in her personal life.

Kristen thinks she was very lucky to have landed the gig with the “Twilight” movies which has led her to have this amazing career. Kristen loves her career and she tries to guide hercareer now that she has enough fame to choose her projects. Hopefully we see some good work from Kristen in the future.