E! NewsreportsKim Kardashian West, the famous celebrity who is famous for being famous, was tied up and robber in Paris. The thieves stole over $10 million in jewelry and tied her up and gagged her in her room. After spending her time at a dinner for Paris fashion week, Kim Kardashian West left to go home. While home, a few men came in dressed like police men and forced the concierge to show them where Kim Kardashian’s room was. The man led them there and then the robbers tied Kim up and held her at gun point. The men then made off with all the jewelry with some taking off on foot and some taking off on bike.

Kanye West was on stage performing and abruptly walked off stage when he found out about Kim’s scary robbery. The Paris mayor is talking to the media assuring people that Paris is safe. This does not bode well for Paris’ image as France has seen a few attacks from terrorist in the past years. This high profile robbery also does not help the situation.