Kim Kardashian West is finally seen in public!! The superstar and wife of mega superstar Kanye West was seen in public with the whole family. This is the first time she has been seen out since her horrific ordeal in Paris where she was robbed by gun point TMZreports. The thieves stole over $10 million in jewelry and tied her up and gagged her in her room. Kim said they got to her before she could make a call and taped up her face and tied her up. She thought they were going to rape her. Kim then got free and went to the balcony to scream. One of the rings was 4.5 million dollars, they took her purse and wallet.

The men knew exactly what they were going for. Kim’s main bodyguard was not with her at the moment. It is very good to see her out even if she was out only in Sweats and sneakers. Perhaps she is wearing less fancy stuff because she realized she made herself a target for wearing crazy stuff.