So most of you know the Chronic blew past in the Alexa rankings recently. Alexa being the group that monitors and ranks website traffic. After doing so I posted it on Facebook, after all its a great milestone for us considering they are backed by a huge corporation Village Voice Media and have been around for years in multiple cities across the US. New Times was quick to fire back dropping this comment on our fan page and to be honest and keep my journalistic credibility I really didn’t think that there sub-sites would get more hits than their landing page. So in that I stand corrected. However, I don’t think this diminishes the feat or our success in any way. Passing in less than one year was still amazing work by our team. Furthermore we look forward to working our asses off to catch both of their sub-pages as fast as humanly possible. In the meantime, I certainly didn’t pass up the opportunity to kick New Times in the nuts on behalf of Broward County which has been harmed irrevocably by the pill mills their company harbors and supports with advertising. Like Spider Man with great power comes great responsibility and New Times has abused it. Thus it should be taken away. There is no doubt in my mind they knew the businesses they were selling ads to where illegal and committing crimes. There is also no doubt that they charged these businesses more than other clients because of their illegal nature and the amount of cash they had on hand. Last but not least we all know the pain clinics take only cash payments from their drug addicted clients. So it’s a safe bet that a lot of them paid for their advertising with cash as well, I wonder how much of that was reported to the IRS? I also wonder why the US Drug Czar and the Broward Sheriffs Department haven’t turned part of their investigation towards the corporations that aided and abetted these illegal businesses ie the dirty pharmacies, MRI guys, and of course it would be hard to find a business that benefited more from the illegal sale of prescription drugs (besides the clinics themselves) than New Times. So here is the comment I wrote back to remind New Times Publishers of their true place in our community and that at the end of the day hooker loving pill pushers could never compete with Chronic nation. We are the Vatican Assassins and they are the corrupt church of the local media. We have proven that you can be a kick ass local media group with moral character and that there is a huge difference between being edgy, and supporting crime with powerful advertising. Without advertising support from New Times the Broward county prescription drug epidemic never would have reached such epic proportions. Last but not least, any real business that advertises with New Times is basically saying they not only support prostitution but they support the illegal sale of prescription drugs as well. New Times of course did not respond.