KFC is dying as a fast food chain, so they have resorted to employing the “sex sells” school of marketing. But KFC is not going to have Selena Gomez all sexy like in a steamy commercial eating a bowl of popcorn chicken/mashed potatoes and gravy. Nope, KFC is paying college girls to walk around on campus in red sweat pants that say “Double Down” on the booty and hand out samples and coupons. Yes, the Double Down is the disgusting creation you are thinking it is. And yes, these are the same style sweat pants from Wal Mart that you see white trashy chics wearing that say stuff like “Sexy” or “Juicy” or “Phat Ass” on them.

The women on college campuses are being paid $500 each for their services. The wonderful idea comes as KFC is in a domestic tailspin. Their only growth is international, and that clearly is not good enough damage to do to people’s health. In a shocking announcement, last week, KFC confessed that more than six in ten Americans ages 18 to 25 — the chain’s key demographic — couldn’t identify who Colonel Sanders was on the KFC logo. Is that a bad thing? BTW…these same people couldn’t identify Jesus either.

The program began last week at Spalding University in downtown Louisville. The chain plans to expand it to at least three more campuses. The additional schools and the women there will be picked via a Facebook promotion.

As you could have guessed, those wet blankets at NOW, the nation’s largest women’s group, doesn’t like it one bit. “It’s so obnoxious to once again be using women’s bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products,” says Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women. What’s more, she says, KFC has forgotten something important: women make more than half the decisions about what to eat for dinner.

KFC marketing chief John Cywinski thinks it’s an effective way to catch the attention of young men — KFC’s key customers and the biggest fans of Double Down. As of this article, KFC had received no complaints about the campaign. KFC spokesman Rick Maynard says. “We’ve taken a page out of the book of some apparel companies and sororities who have promoted in this way for years.”

Treez: What a stupid idea! I mean, really? Seeing the name of a sandwich on a coed’s ass should not make me crave one so bad as I stare at her ass daydreaming about the sandwich..and her ass…and the sandwich..and her….maybe it will work. No seriously, this seems like a bad idea. There is just NOTHING sexy that ties in with KFC or its disgusting products; no hot girl should EVER eat Double Down sandwich!