My Co-Writer, Domenica Rossi, and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and interviewing 38 year old, true to life Miami based artist, Kevin Vigil aka Kre8. This guy is incredible! He has the most amazing story and has literally perfected almost every type of art medium. From super detailed, super surrealism to cubism, loose painting and probably the most energetic and vibrant abstract you’ve ever seen that magically pops out of his subjects in a new collection he calls Faceless. Faceless paintings represent all that is good and all that is bad with society today. Kre8’s subjects in black and white represent the system or the government trying to hold individuals back and his bright colorful abstract splash as its been known to become straight bursts out of the subject represented colorfully as that person’s personality, soul, spirit if you will completely breaking free from the system. Kre8 says, “I live, sleep, eat and breathe art. I am art! I am the color that you see before you and I am beyond honored to be able to call myself an artist and even more blessed to move people in the way that my art does, according to my devoted and loyal fans. What’s up everybody, thanks for the love and support. You’ll never know how much it means to my family and I. It’s been a long tough road, but I know that the future holds amazing potential!”

Kevin’s art background derived from studying and producing high definition complex graffiti introduced to him at the early age of just 14. At age 20 he was inspired by the master himself, Mr. Salvador Dali. Dali really changed the way that Kre8 saw art and interpreted it, as well as different mediums that he explored. Kre8 remembers Dali saying, “What you see is not always what you see.” Meaning your eye automatically recognizes certain shapes and images, so we are trained to see one thing, however there may be an entire different image in the same image itself. One just must look from a different perspective. Kre8 does this so well, he really tries to incorporate that creative thought provoking surreal unreal realism into his artwork.

After years of practice combining certain artistic styles such as graffiti, surrealism, realism, abstract and cubism, Kre8 feels that he has finally mastered his own talents and cultivated it all into one unique style… he calls it FACELESS that I briefly touched on earlier in the read. What is your true identity? He has been told many times before that his art is, within itself, a movement, something very special in the present time, as it paints a very important picture itself about one’s own self identity in the modern world. Vanity is killing us. This is the reason that he paints almost everything in black and gray, because the world is such a gray area. The gray areas represent all that is wrong with corporate America, the system, social media and false representation and the colors that he adds through his abstract represents us as individuals. Our energy, our love, our soul just bursting out of the system into mental freedom and cosmic awakening. That is why he feels that it is his colorful staple splash abstract’s responsibility to inspire the next generation of not only artists, but lost beings in general trying to make their way and expand their consciousness in an ever confusing world. He feels that most of us have become a reflection of what we think people want to see. “There is no more truth in the world right now”, he says. His newer FACELESS style can point the viewer in a more confident elevated direction and help bring back that once lost sense of self identity people so longed for in today’s day and age. The contrast in his paintings is as obvious and as blatant as it is in the real world today. Free Your Mind!

Seeing new cultures and the way that other people think and view the world is what inspires Kre8 the most now. Hosting German and Hispanic roots, he has lived in a lot of places including Europe and Colorado. He spent decades experiencing, navigating and living New York City’s larger than life art world and now he currently resides in sunny Miami, Florida with his beautiful supportive family and his overly hairy and super playful son, my dog, Zeus aka Ol’ Biscuit Head. Man’s best friend! Who I may add is getting professionally trained next week. Probably to paint. 🙂

“I know that I was put on this planet to Kre8! I think one of my biggest accomplishments is inspiring others to open their minds to the endless possibilities that this life can provide, seeing it more clearly and expressing themselves through their own personal exploration of the arts. I will end this with a little bit of encouragement and inspiration. I was taught that if you focus hard enough and work hard enough, your dream will become your reality. I truly am living my dream, I must keep it going, I must change the world, I must Kre8!,” Kre8 ends with.

In conclusion, with amazing art, a huge following of dedicated fans and buyers, his Strokes of Genius Collaboration Team with Former Master Counterfeiter turned famous Artist Arthur J. Williams Jr out of Chicago, big signing announcements coming up and his artwork already displayed all over South Florida including top galleries in the critically acclaimed famed art district of Miami, Wynwood Kre8’s art is only escalating in value and will continue to motivate lost souls, turn heads and create smiles! Did I mention that world famous master artist illustrator Mr. Michael Cheval paid Kre8 the most amazing compliment. Cheval said, “I love your work and you do something that no one else does. You figured out a way to incorporate so many unique and individual styles together as one and actually make it work. Along with the fact that you have a unique variation ability making every metal or canvas print an original by being able to embellish each with your abstract.” Pretty huge compliment from the #1 art guy on Earth right now!

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Thanks for reading and enjoy Kre8’s art,

Josh Leidolf
Art Writer
South Florida Chronicle