While the Warriors were rolling to a 113-91 win over the Cavaliers in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, the interwebs were abuzz not only with Golden State’s stellar performance, but also a potential exchange of barbs between Kevin Durant and Rihanna.

Late in the fourth quarter, after Durant drilled one of his three 3-pointers, he appeared to be staring someone down as he made his way back on defense. Was that someone Rihanna?

Was it also Rihanna, a noted LeBron James fan, who taunted Durant with screams of “brick, brick” while he was at the free-throw line earlier in the game? Whoever the taunter was, they were one of the few Cavs fans sitting courtside at Oracle Arena.

Durant expressed mild shock after the game to hear that social media was ignited by his staredown.

“Really?,” he asked the reporter.

Durant was asked whether his stare was aimed at Rihanna, a question Warriors teammate Stephen Curry suggested he not answer.

“Don’t get into that trap, man,” Curry said, per ESPN.

“Yeah, I won’t get into that,” Durant agreed. “I’m cool.”

If the target of Durant’s glance was indeed Rihanna because he thought she was the one shouting “brick”, it was misdirected. The taunts came from the woman sitting next to the pop star, as this video clearly shows.

As cameras followed Rihanna when she and he entourage exited the arena, she re-pledged her allegiance to LeBron. “The King is still King!,” she proclaimed.

While it didn’t seem to be a ‘Hey girl, how you doing’ kind of look, could Durant’s stare, if it was in fact directed at Rihanna, been a gesture of affection?

Based on his tweet from 2011 dusted off by ESPN, perhaps it was.

Game 2 is set for Sunday night.