"Set. Hut one.. Hut two.. Hut three..????"

RadarOnline – A document governing the potential sale of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape reveals that multiple partners were featured having intimate relations with the reality TV star, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively. Kendra is threatening to sue over the release of a sex tape she made when she was 18. Vivid obtained the tape and the porn company says it will soon distribute it. And while Kendra has objected, RadarOnline.com broke the news that the E! star secretly made moves to sell the tape in 2008! Documents obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com show that Kendra engaged a top Los Angeles law firm in late 2008 to represent her in selling the tape. She even formed a company called Home Run Productions, LLC to sell the tape. New documents uncovered by RadarOnline.com show that not only were there multiple sex tapes , as we exclusively reported, but also multiple partners!

Hey Treez… You know the term for that unethical and cover-up scandal bullshit they always throw around, synonymous with the word “Gate?” Well, this one is definitely turning into KendraGate. She is falling right into the sex tape crock pot with the best of ’em. The first thing I thought about after hearing this was, there goes Hank Baskett’s career. The dude just signed a one-year contract for a measly $800,000 with the Eagles. There is no way he means shit to that squad anylonger. Nothing breaks up comradery like a man who’s girlfriend is going for 4th and goal in the Adult film business, know what I’m saying.? I mean, being in the locker room with the team is a fragile thing. And the first rule is that nothing will destroy team chemistry faster than having a guy around whose wife has been seen getting bukkaked by a roomful of dudes. Did she really try to form a company to sell this video? Where is it? In Fort Knox? How come I don’t have it yet? Free Chronicle T-Shirt to the first one to post me a link. It’s all gossip at this point, but I predict he’s off the squad quicker than Tiger was off the golf course this week.