When my NEW sex-tape drops you will see a lot more than this!!

The battle is on between Kendra Wilkinson and Vivid Entertainment. Wilkinson is known for so many pop culture reasons. She is married to and has a baby with NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett. She currently appears on an E Entertainment reality show, Kendra with Hank and their son. She is a Playboy Playmate, Girl Next Door and Hugh Hefner bed-buddy. Vivid Entertainment is known for being a top of the line producer of adult entertainment- the company that put out the Pam and Tommy Lee tape, the Kim Kardashian/Ray J tape and the Vince Neil/Janine tape.

There is a lot of changing info on the story, but a few things are certain. An ex-boyfriend is responsible for selling the tape. The tape is apparently pretty hot. Kendra has gone to media, acting shocked and fighting to have the tape stopped…It won’t be. The strange part of this story is that it is being reported that Kendra has quite a few of these tapes and that she set up a company in 2008 (while with Hank) called Home Run Productions. Her plan was to release “intimate moments” of herself through that production company. She won’t have that chance as the tape is now in Vivid’s hands, and release is expected within a month.

A cease and desist letter has been sent to Vivid by Kendra’s attorney, Yael E. Holtkamp. It probably will not mean much. Vivid doesn’t just rush into releasing a tape. They have done this before, and I am quite sure their lawyers made sure all of the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Stay tuned as we will let you know when the tape drops.

Kendra has gone on record to address the tape issue. She knows this could be devastating to her marriage and to how people will perceive her in the future.

Treez says: The tape seems to have been when Kendra was 18 or so. I think this can only help her. She seems super cool and a lot of fun. Her money situation can’t be all that great. Hank holds on by a string to an NFL roster spot, and she has to pray this E series lasts forever. I say start putting out your own line of videos and get as many of your hottest friends as possible to join you!!