Chelsey Novak

1. Chelsey is it true you won your very first competition? Yes I’m now NPC qualified.

2. That allowed you to compete in nationals, for your second ever competition what was that like? Winning my first competition was amazing. I was so happy because I put a lot of work and sacrificing into competing. When I found out I was qualified for nationals so soon it was an honor.

3. Are you going to compete again next year to defend your local title? Hell yes & mark my word I will get my Pro-card!

4. How did you get into competitive fitness? I was always at the gym just to get in shape. Being able to see your progress and the changes you can make motivated me to compete.

5. Whats your favorite day at the gym? I’m alllll about the booty so def leg day!

6. Whats the worst day in the gym? There is no bad day at the gym. Being in the gym and working out only makes your body look better!

7. Do you spend all day looking in the mirror at your abs? I would! Hahaha no! Honestly having abs all depends on your food intake ! Abs are made in the kitchen.

8. What advice can you give to other people who are just starting to work out and get into shape? Don’t compete with anyone else. You are your own competition. Everyone has a different physique and body type. The fact that you are in the gym making an effort shows a lot.

9. Do you eat normal food like everyone else, or do you live on slim fast shakes? Slim fast shakes? Psshhhh never had one! Why drink your calories when you can eat them I eat super healthy& clean always since I do bikini modeling so it’s basically my “job” to stay in shape. I do occasionally have cheat meals once in a while.

10. Whats the best part of being hot and fit? “Hot & fit” haha very flattering thank you. The best part about being fit is going to the beach and rocking a tiny tiny bikini and not feeling insecure or worrying! Having a fit body shows dedication, motivation & sacrificing you made to achieve it.

Chelsey Novak  Chelsey Novak