Chronicle: Kayla you’re a jack-of-all-trades. What is it exactly that you do?

Kayla: Can’t we come up with something prettier than a ‘ jack? ‘ How about a princess of all trades? I model, own a styling company providing makeup, hair & wardrobe styling, and also own a Modeling Management Firm. I like the company of beautiful ladies.

Chronicle: You’re also a South Florida native, where are you from?

Kayla: Hmmmm …. I can’t be a South Florida native, AND from somewhere else. Lol. I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale/Plantation for almost 12 years, but originally I’m from Mississippi.

Chronicle: How did you get started in the industry?

I started my styling company first and was forcibly dragged in front of the camera by one of my magazine photographers a couple years ago. I guess they knew what they were talking about, thank God.

What’s your favorite part of working in the industry?

Kayla: It definitely has several perks, including having an arsenal of inappropriate clothing, but i get to meet some of the craziest whack jobs on the earth. The crazies keep my life interesting.

Chronicle: What’s the craziest thing you have at work?

Kayla: Craziest thing, like items? I mean I’ve got some diamond nipple pasties in stock and a stack of pictures from my favorite shoots with my porn star ladies.

Chronicle: Have you ever participated in Exotica before?

Kayla: Only as a guest! Last year during Exotica Miami, I was actually in LA shooting for Hustler. Im excited to finally be on the other end of the show!

Chronicle: Where can Chronic readers find you at Exotica 2010?

Kayla: Front & center of the convention, with my Hart Models 🙂

Chronicle: What should people who haven’t been to Exotica expect from the show this year?

Kayla: Insanity. Expect nothing less. If you haven’t been to a show already, prepare for nudity, debauchery, film crews, sex toys…the lot.

Chronicle: If there’s one thing everyone should do at Exotica this year, what is it?

Kayla: Come by the booth, and pick up a poster and newspaper from the girls and I!

Chronicle: Ok, our classic Chronic question: You have to sleep with one, marry one and kill one. Sex rehab edition ready?
a) Tiger Woods b) Jesse James 3) Ben Rothlisberger

Kayla: hmmmm…I’m a business woman at heart, so i suppose I would sleep with Tiger, being the most financially lucrative move at the moment and sell my story to someone right after. I’d marry Jesse James (because I’m sure I could give it a better run than Sandra) and Ben gets the axe…he’s purely terrifying.  PR-MA