I hate nose rings! Even the cute little diamond stud. I mean it looks like a blinged out booger. When I see chicks with them, it is an immediate turn-off. I would rather she had her whole face tattooed like a circus freak (well maybe not, but you get the point)

Anyways, Katy Perry is sporting a full on nose ring that connects to her ear. It is an Indian style that she is doing to pay homage for her Indian wedding to Russell Brand. Personally, I just think it is disgusting. Even if you find that bold, there is no way anyone can convince me that this look is sexy or even mildly attractive.

I get the whole ornamentation / decoration thing. The same reason someone puts a bone through their nose I guess. Maybe that shit is cute in primitive countries, but in the U.S. and England, the two countries where you are relevant, it isn’t. Just saying…Yeeecchhhhh!!!!