Palin & Gosselin 2012?


Just as Kate Gosselin’s 15 minutes of ‘fame’ are reaching their expiration date, the TLC show that made a spectacle out of this average nobody and her ambitious ovaries has Gosselin and her Kate Plus 8 brood latching on to another inflated personality that just won’t go away: Sarah Palin. Evidently the cheese at TLC are hoping for an All-American ratings boost with some family summertime fun.  

Yes, ladies and gentleman, Kate  is now grabbing at Sarah Palin’s teabag string and riding it for all it’s worth as she takes her rugrats to the deep Alaskan wilderness for a camping trip punctuated with some Palin-ized lessons in natural history.  

Palin’s father, a retired science teacher, and her brother, an elementary teacher, will be schooling the children on the Pacific Northwest and instilling them with some of those fine family values that helped Palin excel in rifle marksmanship, flute-playing and pageant winning, which later carried her to a highly-publicized train wreck of a political career.  

After intensive lessons on “How to muck-up the economy of the largest state in the Union”, “Why libraries are bad & sports complexes are good” and of course, my favorite, “Why it’s OK to just up and quit”, Palin herself will be teaching Kate and the kiddies “How not to get eaten by a bear”.  

Americans are now left wondering if Alaska is, in fact, big enough for both of these egomaniacs-turned-TV-show starlettes. We should all be frightened that Kate is handing over her kids as little Palin disciples and that she may actually get granted another excruciating 15 minutes. Our best hope is that they fail their bear lesson and never make it back to reality TV. Here’s hoping. Now who wants a cup of tea?prma