Kate Moss Allure

At the age of 39, the style icon and supermodel opens up about past weight rumors, plastic surgery, makeup routines and tanning tips. Moss’s much-photographed face has been a powerful inspiration for many artists throughout the years. Although she admits to never wearing sweatpants or twinsets she shares her surprisingly simple hair tips. Leaving behind the grunge look and rocking out the clean image she suggests on always keeping hair clean. “That’s a must. If in doubt, wash it.”


Moss looks pretty damn good for her age. The supermodel admits to having insecurities of being flat chested and even considered a boob job. Amongst other subjects, she is straight forward about her past relationship with Johnny Depp and the journey of raising her daughter, Lila. It’s exciting to see what else the star has to share in the new Allure issue already out on stands.