The superhot, cool and funny actress Kate McKinnon makes her appearance in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and claims that she doesn’t remember her winning speech as she blacked out after hearing her name as a winner for the Outstanding Supporting actress, earlier this month at Emmy. She also shared that her award was also misplaced.

While talking to Fallon, the actress said that she can’t remember anything after hearing her name announced at the awards show. She was so thrilled that the excitement wiped her memory. Jimmy Fallon helped her remember her speech including thanking Ellen and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, her two spot on impressions from SNL. During her interview, she also talked about her overweight and ungrateful cat, getting a whiff of Fallon’s musical guest Sting backstage and her unsuccessful previous career as an overly apologetic telemarketer. Aside from the personal stuff, there’s plenty going on in Kate’s professional life. She talked about Alec Baldwin coming on board Saturday Night Live this weekend for the season 42 premiere episode to take over as SNL’s brand new Donald Trump.