Now I’m not going to sit here and just bash the hell out of these youngsters. I am a little old for that. And it may seem like it’s been “Girl Bashing” day on The Chronicle but it’s not my fault, it’s what is out there right now. Slow blogging day. But, holy shit. I feel like 1995 just took a big dump on my computer screen. This has to be Baylor’s Honor Society or something, right?

It’s just that these KKG girls can’t possibly be the coolest ones at the college, right? Because they certainly aren’t the hot ones. I mean, the hot ones are too busy getting beat in beer pong, cell phone in one hand, frat guy balls in another…And the cool ones are playing guitar and smoking weed with their professors. So who are these girls? Why are there so many? It looks like they all rode in on magical unicorns from the land of blueberries..

I was also looking at their comments section to get some insight and this is what I found….

Seems a little suspicious of them possibly being the second string whores at Baylor? All the comments deleted are from dudes, maybe ex boyfriends. I don’t knooooooowww… Looks like we might have some of Baylor’s finest back up party chicks here…

PS Ladies: Bad Idea putting your real names on there. Have fun with Google searches of yourself in the future… GAME!


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