Friends and faimly are expensive!!!

A car registered to rapper Kanye West crashed into a Honolulu home early Saturday morning. Witnesses on the scene told police they saw three men running from the car after the accident.

The Porsche Panamera was reported stolen shortly after the incident happened at around 4 am.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to solve this case. It was obviously Kanye’s boys, and they are obviously committing insurance fraud as well as leaving the scene of a major accident. First off high-end cars like a new Porsche are hard to steal, so we can deduce it would have to be a professional car thief. Secondly pro thieves don’t steal cars with three people. Thirdly a pro doesn’t go through all the trouble to steal a Porsche just to drive it into a house.

No, that’s what a trio of hip-hop hoodlums do after a night of partying in Hawaii. Just remember where you heard it first kids, the one and only – Kid Chronic.