So I guess she is all set. She has her boobs made of plastic, her teeth made of ceramic, her finger nails made of polymer, and her extensions all fastened in. Jennifer “Jwoww” Farley is set to do Playboy for an estimated $400,000 next month.  But before we get all excited and start talking all this crap how she is the real deal and that all those images are fake, let’s first look at the evidence. Hey, ball don’t lie.

Heres a shit load of pics to help you decide. One of them being the infamous Maxim Photoshop pics where she is missing a belly button. Classic. Then, we have amateur paparazzi photos that clearly indicate cottage cheese ass. You be the judge.

Sammi Sweetheart is always a dime piece. Why not her?

I dunno,  I guess it all depends on how “undressed” she gets. I mean, Ive  seen all sorts of beave in my life. I just can’t imaging getting all excited for Jwoww’s no-tan line, coin slot to hit the stands. Seems a little abused to me.  Her “Hard Partying” lifestyle is all ready taking tolls on her face. Just look at what it did to these beauties…