Justin Timberlake reveals why he left the popular boy band *NSYNC in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter. *NSYNC sold more than 70 million albums in their career, it’s third album “Celebrity,” in 2001 sold more than 1.87 million copies in one week. So what made Timberlake decide to go solo?

“I felt like I cared more about the music than some of the other people in the group. And I felt like I had other music I wanted to make and that I needed to follow my heart,” he added.

Since launching his solo music career and an acting career as well, he has released four albums earning four Emmy Awards and nine Grammys. In 2007 & 2013 he was named of the 100 most influential people in the world. He also married hottie Jessica Biel and together the couple had Silas Randall in 2015.