JustBOGOS, the first grocery store savings service of its kind, is completely free and makes it completely effortless for users to save money on their groceries at Publix, Winn-Dixie and Sedano’s supermarkets across the state of Florida.  With the recent launch of the JustBOGOS app for Android (which complements the existing app for iPhone and iPad), the future looks bright for the South Florida based startup.

JustBogos Publix


JustBogos Winn Dixie


JustBogos Sedanos

JustBOGOS is a simple concept yet extremely useful. After a user signs up and confirms their location and preferred grocery stores, they receive access to a consolidated “at-a-glance” summary of all local Buy One, Get One’s from multiple supermarkets:  All in one place.  Items are sorted by store and department, and can be added to a custom Shopping List for quick in-store access.  Users can also add their favorite brands or products to their Favorites, for custom alerts when any of these items go BOGO in their location.  Between these features and the Notepad, users have on-the-go access to their grocery shopping list and complete control over the type of alerts they receive and how they’d like to receive them – Via app notifications, email, or both.

JustBOGOS saves users money by ensuring that they never miss their favorite Buy One, Get One grocery sales ever again.  With the knowledge of favorite BOGO sales being available, users can stock up on their favorites, thus receiving twice the quantity for the price of one unit.  JustBOGOS provides those who don’t have the time to clip coupons or search the weekly ads, with a way to save effortlessly by simply receiving the revolutionary Weekly ALL BOGO Alerts and/or Custom BOGO Alerts.

The initial concept launched in 2014 and featured email-based alerts from JustBOGOS.com.  Due to the popularity of the free service, work on the iOS app began quickly, with the app for iPhone and iPad launching in November 2015.  And most recently in September 2016, the app was launched for Android.  The app is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, completely free.  Those who want the email-based alerts only can join at www.JustBOGOS.com.

JustBOGOS has recently reached an exciting milestone:  Over 1,000,000+ alerts sent.  The app has been featured two different times on the front page of the Sun-Sentinel’s Money section, and tons of new user signups are flowing in daily.


JustBogos SunSentinel


JustBogos Jason Taub

When JustBOGOS Founder, Jason Taub, was asked where the idea came from, Taub explains that he became tired of driving to the grocery store, picking up the nasty newspaper-like sales ad, manually searching for his favorite BOGO’s, only to find out that none were available. Instead, he dreamt about a way he could receive an alert every time his favorite groceries became BOGO.  The problem was, there was nothing out there like it.  So that’s when Taub set out to build it. Download JustBOGOS today!


• Apple App Store – https://appsto.re/us/2BPi8.i
• JustBOGOS Website – http://www.justbogos.com/register.php
Enjoy your BOGOS,
Josh Leidolf