One of Tila's Injuries


Fresh after getting paid a million bucks for a porno shoot, Tila Tequila was attacked during her performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos. What the Hell is a Juggalo, you say? And where do they gather? Well, I  wasn’t sure myself so I did a little research. It turns out  a Juggalo is a die hard follower of the Insane Clown Posse. It’s kinda like being a dead head minus the cool parts. In short it’s a bunch of sexually frustrated young men (mostly from the Mid-West) who like to wear clown make up and listen to shitty music. Every year these losers get together and throw a huge party called…you guessed it, “The Gathering of the Juggalos.” This year the prestigious event was held in Cave Rock, Illinois and they booked Tila Tequila to perform. Except when Tila stepped out on stage the Juggalos all began to throw things at her. Things like firecrackers, bricks, and of course all the poop and piss they could scoop out of the port-o-pottys. Yes folks, you heard me right, I said “all the poop and piss they could scoop out of the port-O-pottys.”  

Tila Tequila tweeted this about the incident,  

“I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, DUDES were throwing HUGE STONE ROCKS in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage, and they even took the sh*t out of the port-0-potty and threw sh*t and piss at me when I was onstage.”  

Juggalos, more like Jugga-losers. We all know, Tila Tequila is kind of a fruitcake, but these guys are total losers. First off, she’s a girl and second off, she’s hot! If you see a hot girl and your first thought is not “how am I gonna bang this girl” and instead it’s “what can I throw at this girl” you have some serious f*cking issues that need to be addressed. Not to mention, anyone who would even consider touching piss and shit is simply f*cking disgusting. Just how exactly did they throw it anyway? Were they wearing gloves? Did they have a poop catapult?  

Anyway you look at it, throwing piss and shit is a dirty f*cking job. Mostly because you have to touch it to throw it. What good is that? What’s that, some sort of gross sacrifice bunt? Basically what you’re saying is, I hate this person so much it’s worth getting shit on me to throw some at her. I’m sorry, but I do not subscribe to that logic. There is no one in the world I hate enough to pick up poop. I could be standing on a bridge next to the world’s biggest pile of steaming shit, and Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson and George W. Bush could walk right underneath me, and it still would not cross my mind to start throwing shit on them. Apparently for Juggalos, this is the first thing that comes to mind when they see a hot chick.  

I have included a You Tube video of one these losers in his natural habitat and an Insane Clown Posse music video below that, so you can see what I’m talking about. – Kid Chronic  



Check out this Juggalo getting ready for “The Gathering.”  


Here’s an Insane Clown Posse music video in case you want to become a Juggalo.