The famous judge who gave Brock Turner, a student at Standford University, a light sentence after the student was found sexually assaulting a woman outside of a party, is being recalled from office. If he is recalled, he will be the first judge to be recalled from the bench in 86 years.

Judge Aaron Persky, 56, drew huge criticisms after sentencing Brock Turner to only six months in jail, after being found guilty of assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated/unconscious person. Turner could have faced up to 14 years in jail. Persky cited the decision to sentence the young student to only six months in jail due to the fact that both students were drunk and “that prison time could have a severe effect on Turner’s life.” Turner only served three months due to good behavior.

Emily Doe, 23, Brock Turner’s victim read a statement that was later published by BuzzFeed, it drew more than 10 million views within four days. Her statement resonating with many sexual assault victims. Days after the sentencing hearing, Judge Persky was quietly “re-elected” to a six-year term with no vote because he “had drawn no challengers.”

According to USA Today, “A recall effort was quickly initiated, and a petition drew more than 1.3 million supporters. Stanford law professor Michele Dauber has led the charge.”

“Judge Persky has failed women in a very significant way, and the voters are going to hold him accountable. Many eyes are going to be on Santa Clara County as a model for how to respond to bias against women in the legal system,” Dauber said.

The entire trial for Brock Turner happened before the #MeToo movement. Do you think that the outcome would have been different if the trial happened after or during the wave of the #MeToo movement? We would love to hear your comments.