Watching CNN tonight, it has become clear that journalists are being specifically targeted in Egypt. This is never a good sign for human rights. Anderson Cooper was interviewing a woman from a secret location, because his crew is no longer safe out in the open. They were attacked today for the second day in a row.

A bloodied protester in Tehrir Square. Photo from EPA.

The woman he interviewed – it was either him or her, I don’t remember, but to be honest this is an opinion piece so f*ck it. I’ll say it myself: if they are targeting the journalists, that means the smell of death is in the air. Something awful is going to happen that someone does not want theĀ  media to see. Anderson Cooper reported, unsurprisingly, that theĀ  journalism – targeting is mainly coming from the pro-government forces. This is all the more reason to keep our eyes close on the situation. This is when the job of the foreign correspondent earns its prestige – the prestige it deserves from the famous Alfred Hitchcock film titled, appropriately, “Foreign Correspondent.”

The pigs of the Mubarak regime will not muscle the worlds eyes off their country. They will not shake us. There will be no brutal counterinsurgency measures they take that will not be broadcast to the world. The regime does nothing but bring shame upon themselves, in the name of the truth, and in the name of decency to human beings.

Like I said: opinion piece.

On CNN, Anderson Cooper was flustered, mixing up his words. He is usually so full of tact but right now you can smell his fear through the screen. The intimidation is unacceptable.