The NFL is basically impossible to pick. You have to study very closely to get the edge. This week there are ONLY four HOME DOGS as opposed to a ton last week. The Patriots have already played and covered their 3 1/2 spread as a H.D. The others this week are the Jets, Chiefs and Vikings.


Raiders -3……I love the Raiders in a bounce back even with EJ Manuel as QB. He torched Baltimore twice already with Buffalo. I think he’s hungry and will do just fine. They are home and Balty has to go cross country to play this one and you know what that means.

Chiefs -2…..I believe in the RIDE THE HOT HAND theory. RIDE TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF! That is the Chiefs right now as they are the ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE NFL!!!! Now the Texans have shown a ton of life with D. Watson, and this should be fun to watch, but I just WILL NOT go against the Chiefs till I am forced to. The fact that this is only -2 even on the road is kinda stinky, but I’ll deal with the smell.


Bills +3…..Buffalo has been plenty feisty this season. Defense is very very solid. So solid they have given up the fewest PPG in football. The Bengals D is solid too, but not as good. I am not sold on Dalton or the Bengals at all. They did have a good win vs. Green Bay. It ends there. The Browns game means nothing. They own the Browns. I like Buffalo to win outright.

Titans +1…..The line has swung majorly due to Mariota being questionable. M Cassel will probably start. He’s a vet and should step in just fine. Especially on a team that has a run first mentality. J Cutler has been looking scary after his first dink and dunk performance. The running game has tapered off as well. I think Tennessee has played well this year, even after getting lit up by Houston. This is a MAN UP game after giving up 50+ points. Let’s see if Tennessee can MAN UP.

Jets -1 1/2…..I happen to think the Jets have ZERO talent. That being said, they played the Fins tough enough to not only win, but kick their ass. They squeaked a win the week before against Jacksonville, so they are now 2-2. That shows me character when a team wins in multiple ways. The Browns are garbage and always will be. This seems like a game the Jets really SHOULD win. They are actually in the hunt right now. To drop this game would be a sign of a bad team. Are the Jets that bad? We shall see.