Jon McAfee says AntiVirus is ancient, dead technology. Be Protected with ProsecureLSP! The Only Layered Security Product available to Small Businesses and Home Users! Proudly brought to you by ProActive Networks & Security, Inc


Being proactive in the security and availability of computers in your small business or home should be the highest priority of all computer owners, and AntiVirus packages just can’t cut it anymore. Keeping up with the rapid development of advanced threats by cyber criminals has become an impossible task for them. We believe that paying for Antivirus is obsolete. STOP PAYING FOR ANTIVIRUS!

Even Jon McAfee agrees, and he is the famous American Computer Programmer who developed the first commercial AntiVirus program, McAfee AntiVirus. He was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t use McAfee AntiVirus or any AntiVirus for that matter, I think it’s dead and based on an ancient technology that is no longer relevant. Hacker kits come out 10x faster. AntiVirus is now a meaningless system.”

Also keep in mind that Antivirus packages slow down computers by up to 25%. ProsecureLSP’s solutions remove that performance burden, as you no longer need to run Antivirus all the time.

ProsecureLSP is the Anti-AntiVirus. AntiVirus packages do not work, they only offer a false sense of security. ProsecureLSP works by giving its user multiple levels of protection.

For the first time ever, ProsecureLSP is offering a multi level security program for small businesses and home users. The methodology is called “Defense in Depth” and has been used by security professionals for years, as they know the only way to protect computers is to put up multiple barriers to entry.

This multi layered approach is the only one that works and people are starting to realize that. ProsecureLSP (Layered Security Provider) is designed for the small business and home based user. They use the strongest firewalling capability on the planet as well as advance hosting protection that far surpasses any current AntiVirus offering.

Threats today have become so advanced that they can bypass your firewall and AntiVirus with ease. Next generation technology is now required to help protect everyone’s computer, and this is precisely what ProsecureLSP does.

LSP offers two critical layers of protection:

  1. Encrypted access to their secure network – once connected your are protected from 90% of all the bad Internet stuff, and the connection makes it look like you’re in a different location than you really are.
  1. A host computer protection program that provides the additional 9% to get you up to 99% protected.

If a company ever says that they are full proof, don’t walk, run away from them. There is no such thing. ProsecureLSP offers the very latest in security technology, and is in the business of keeping up with new emerging technologies.

Again, Stop paying for AntiVirus! They recommend using a free AntiVirus monthly to clean up anything that might have slipped through the cracks or been downloaded from DVD/CD or USB stick, but that is it.

The technologies behind ProsecureLSP are already used by multibillion dollar companies. It was created to answer the question: Why can’t small businesses and home users have the same protections that large corporations have? ProsecureLSP has plans to reach and help millions of small business and home users across the globe in the next few years.

The President and Founder, David Sinnott, has over 30 years of experience in IT. He graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in 1982 and held senior technical positions with Digital Equipment Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Pioneer Technologies through 1994. From 1994 to 1997 he assisted a number of Internet startup companies, then founded ProActive Networks & Security in late 1997 so he could pursue his passion – network security. He has been specializing in the application of best of breed systems ever since, designing security into existing networks for organizations large and small.

Their Team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced network security consultants, each with a minimum of fifteen years in the field of computer systems and networks, and at least ten years of specialization in the field of network security. Their consultants have a passion for building integrated, ‘defense in depth’ security architectures for small, medium and large enterprises. Their expertise shows in their ability to take best of breed products, and integrate them into a manageable security platform based upon your needs. They are continually evaluating new products and technologies to ensure their customers have the best commercially available solutions at their fingertips. Scalable solutions are a priority, to leverage your investment as your network grows and your needs change. Although their expertise is focused on Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, Authentication systems, Anti Virus solutions, and Web and Mail filtering systems – their knowledge includes a thorough understanding of network protocols and operating systems that these applications depend on.

Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness are their company values. Customers trust them, a trust that they have earned over the past few decades and they keep bringing really cool technology to their customers.

ProActive Networks & Security, Inc is a Notch Above All the Rest!

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