Be Well With Us!


Total Wellness Professionals On Location Spa is happy to be a part of all the community activities! We are always looking for ways to help people become aware of the benefits of healthy living. We spend time doing chair massages and other mini-services at different events for different causes.  

Go Riverwalk has sponsored Total Wellness to provide a class schedule held in Downtown Fort Lauderdale every Saturday in Smoker Family Park, located at 501 S New River Dr East.  

Ali Hecht, the founder of Total Wellness Professionals is in charge of the launch! This is a great chance for anyone of any age to start Yoga or expand their existing practice! She has a wealth of knowledge regarding Yoga and other health and wellness topics that she has gained in the seven years she’s been teaching. For more information on this class, please call 954 732 0517.  

Total Wellness Professionals will help develop the consciousness of the people in South Florida who are looking to step up to the plate and stare natural healthcare in the eye! What better way to reach the people of Fort Lauderdale than at a meeting point of health and awareness, bringing together positive and health-oriented people while enjoying the lush beauty of our community. We are offering an array of classes consisting of Yoga, Pilates, Budokon, strength and agility, and meditation, all performed by licensed individuals, most of whom have taught in their prospective fields for over five years. We find this offers a unique and personal aspect to our approach to wellness, where newcomers feel as welcome as our regular students.  

With Total Wellness Professionals reaching more wellness-seekers every day, we are so pleased to share our knowledge and strengths with the community. Detailed information on classes is available on line at