Joey Porter says F*ck the Police!

Arizona Cardinals 17.5 million dollar man, and former Miami Dolphin, Joey Porter has been arrested after an incident at a Taco Bell last night.   One of  Porter’s friends was pulled over by the police in the restaurant’s parking lot. Porter, who is an apparent lookie loo, pulled up to see what was going on–bad decision for the NFL star.   The officer on the scene approached Porter’s car and smelled alcohol coming from within the vehicle. He then asked Porter for his driver’s license and registration. Porters response? To roll up his window on the authorities!   This is an absolute classic…where’s the cop car surveillance video of that? Wouldn’t you just love to see the cop’s face when Joey Porter rolls the window up on him? It was probably a pretty nice car as well, but I digress.   The officer then tried to quickly reach his hand inside the car through the window to manually unlock the door. Porter then knocked the officer’s hand away and jumped out of the vehicle in a combative manner. The officer then pulled his pistol from its holster and ordered Porter to the ground. Porter refused, and additional officers were called to the scene.   Porter eventually agreed to put his hands behind his head and was arrested and booked. Joey Porter is now charged with three misdemeanors: DUI, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.